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UAVHEP02 :: Steve Sailer, Egalitarian Matador

America's Half-Bloof Prince

Matador, of course, meaning killer.

Steve Sailer, blogger and author of “America’s Half-Blood Prince” sat down with host Kevin I. Slaughter for a discussion about the president and other concerns. From bullfighting to Modern English, the conversation covered a number of topics outside of Human Biodiversity, sometimes shortened to HBD, but we covered that as well. The sound of the interview is a little wonky. It was recorded on location and I tried to clean it up but it’s not up to the level I’d like. I do have a better method of location interview recordings though, so the next one should sound better, assuming I get to use that method…

Can Life Prevail?Before that are a few items of interest, two very short excerpts from two books – one being Pentti Linkola’s Can Life Prevail? – A Radical Approach to the Environmental Crisis“, from the folks at After the interview I read a selection from Robert G. Ingersoll that I recorded for I’ve volunteered to record a few written pieces by Ingersoll for their archives after hearing David Driscoll from American Freethought mention it on his podcast. This is the one of three that I’ve recorded so far, and it’s about 7 minutes long. The title is “Should Infidels Send Their Children to Sunday School?” and it was written in the latter half of the 1800’s. I guess the recording will be available in the “library” section of the site, but I’m not sure when.

Got a problem with something I’ve said on the podcast? Got an angle not discussed?
Call (218) 666-UAVH and leave a voice mail. Since my shows are once a month give or take, I’d like to have a “call in” show where I compile listener responses and my added commentary in the in-between. Keep it under 3 minutes and think about what you’re going to say before you call. Identify yourself, your blog, or keep it anonymous. If I get enough calls, I’ll do a special show, if I get one or two, I’ll slip them into the regular show. If your call lacks substance and seems like you were more interested in plugging your website than commenting, it won’t be aired. You can comment on the most recent or even a previous episode.

The interview for this podcast were completed in October of 2009, final recording and mixing were completed  Wednesday, January 20th, 2010.

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Thank you Rob for the following quote/review:

“The “alternative right” is an interesting place. It’s full of people who are united by very little except for a common rejection of the current reigning cultural consensus: egalitarianism, universalism and a belief in unlimited human progress. Even in the alternative right, some people stand out as especially eccentric…”

Though it was a transient post on ye olde Facebook, I think it’s one of my favorite lines about the show, or it’s host, yet.

Welcome: readers, In Mala Fide readers, Diabologue readers and readers of my personal blog. Your linkage is appreciated, your sites are great!

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