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Book & Rifle Club – New UA/ASP Apparel Design!

Welcome to the first design in the Underworld Amusements Fauxternal Order clothing line, the Book & Rifle Club

Book & Rifle Club (Fauxternal Order) Clothing
Being fond of the pomp and mystery of fraternal orders but being both godless and misanthropic means that the designer isn’t apt to actually join one. With a romantic notion of the days when men would congregate in private under the banner of some exotic name for ceremony and hi-jinx, these designs will be evocative of some occult order without the hassle of monthly dues or pretending to care about charities.

The Book & Rifle Club design is inspired by an old Italian proverb about the things needed to make a good man. It also features something new for ASP Apparel, a custom text area where you can place your city name (real or fictitious) in the design itself!

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