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Stay Down Here EP001 – Christ Killer, G. Edwin Taylor, Thanks!

The first episode of our new vlog series Stay Down Here premieres now!

(YouTube video embedded above)
We’re testing the waters with a new vlogging style series of videos. Find out what it’s about and what’s new to Amuse those dwellers of the Underground. Yep, I’m sick, so expect a little more “pep” next time round. Feel free to comment and make constructive comments and (realistic) suggestions.
As the video states, this channel will feature some more casual vlogging and pieces that don’t have the polish or importance for the Underworld Amusements channel. I wanted to produce a video that was somewhere between “guy in front of webcam” and a slick infomercial. Both have their place, and hopefully I’ll settle into a simple and versatile format that is enjoyable to watch. I want to keep these around 10 minutes, max.

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