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Stay Down Here EP003 – Secrets, Witches, Men, Guns, New York!

(YouTube video embedded above)
Episode 3 of the Stay Down Here vlog. A little delayed because I’m working on projects that you’ll be more interested in anyway. Announcements soon!
Feel free to comment and make constructive critiques and (realistic) suggestions.
As the video states, this channel will feature some more casual vlogging and pieces that don’t have the polish or importance for the Underworld Amusements channel. Doing a little experimenting with format/setup, as per usual.
The editing comes off pretty rough here because I didn’t do multiple takes or script the dialogue out like I normally do. Full refund available at the box office.

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Material Support

We got the two memory cards! Thank you!

I’m now focused on getting high-end shotgun mic, boom pole and “blimp” for outdoor/on the go audio recording. I’m looking at the Rode NTG3 Condenser Shotgun Microphone (it’s on the “gift list”), and they run about $700. If you’d like to donate toward that, use the PayPal Donate button over there on the right! All money donated (and a bunch of my own) goes towards GEAR.


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