Our .com (now back up).


As noted before, we have taken our direct mail order website down while moving distribution to Texas. Until things are settled in and we can make a full inventory of product, it will remain closed. What we don’t want is to rush back and not be able to handle orders as we should.

In the interim, most of our books can be purchased online through Amazon.com, and soon ASPapparel.com will be adding a wide selection of our titles for the ease of international customers.

We have exciting projects in the works as well, some coming very close to completion, some moving further away as we add elements to make them better.

Underworld Amusements is growing, and there are many exciting announcements we will be making in the coming months (and even years) as they come to fruition.

Please “like” our facebook page and just maybe the platform will possibly show you our updates (but probably not. Even better, sign up for our infrequent newsletter at the bottom of the “About UA”page.