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New review of HOMO, 99 and 44/100% NONSAPIENS by Gerald B Lorentz

5.0 out of 5 stars

homo99-COVER-FINAL-6-18-13Sobering, erudite and brilliant writing. Not for the faint of heart, or for the vast majority of people.
By G. Ridgeway on May 20, 2015

First things first, and the description of this book should give it away but it bears being said again. This book is not for the faint of heart, this should be obvious if you are thinking of purchasing this book as Lorentz has written a text which is red hot in its honesty and presentation of how s***ty human beings really are and that a very rare percentage of us are actually deserving of the title of sapiens (wise.), and even then those who demonstrate this are not without their imbecile flaws.
Lorentz has written an erudite and sobering book, that would make even Christopher Hitchens blush, which if you are a fan of Hitchens I find it very likely that you will enjoy this book.
What Lorentz does in this text, if it isn’t obvious is works through many of the broad facets which have constituted human civilization from our inception and has stayed with us to this day, and points out that what humans really are, are apex predators which take the greatest glory in our instinctual predation of everything which we can prey upon, and has for centuries continuing into today and most certainly the future. That we have developed the ability to be hypocrites in the face of our own injustices that pale even the biblical myths of the Abrahamic.
Now in my opinion there are three ways that a person will most likely view this book. One, they will read it, be disgusted by it, and continue down a path they were already on, of stating daily positive affirmations, and saying that the root of our problems can all be solved by emanating positivity like a new age guru. The second, will be the other end of the spectrum, those that will see this work as affirming proof that we human hedonistic predators are good at sucking, and that you should trust no one and care only for yourself. The third, will take a middle of the road approach to this, now let preface all of the above by saying, that I don’t view any of these three is being necessarily better than the others. But it certainly would behoove you too take a middle path to this. The truth that this books can unleash in you is sobering, and if by reading it you can realize the fallacy and hypocrisy in your own life, that there is very little to be proud of in our present day and especially our history you can move forward with caution and hopefully use such new found knowledge to better yourself and society. As too what effect and level you choose to do this in, only you can say.
In closing, this is a book that many would have a hard time making it through, as you have no choice but to face up to the predictable hypocrisy that is human kind. But it is sobering works like this, that in the hands of the few, and hopefully a growing number. Can have the wool pulled away from their eyes, and look into themselves and admit some dark truths that you have been spoon fed most your life to take as truth.
I am not proud to consider myself a human being in light of our past and current present, but with that being said, the amount of personal responsibility and self-realization that can be awakened by writing such as this, when in the right hands, cannot be under estimated in the least.
In my mind this book is worth every penny to purchase it, and hearty thanks to Underworld Amusements and APOP records for making such an erudite and sobering text easily available.