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“Benjamin DeCasseres: The Imp of 5th Avenue”

E-Book PDF: Open in New Window | DownloadEarlier this year Old Nick Magazine published an article by Kevin I. Slaughter on Benjamin DeCasseres to coincide with the release of ANATHEMA! Litanies of Negation. We have retypeset it into the linked PDF and are making it available to everyone for free. Those who are curious about […]

Out of date…

In early May of this year the Underworld Amusements website was taken down and all traffic redirected to our mail order website . As you know the website is now up and running again, though there is information missing for the books that have been published since the site went down.  

UAVHEP015 – Flannery O’Connor’s “Good Country People” Play in new window | Download | Embed After the wildly popular episode of “The Girl in the Grave” (someone listened to that, right?), Underworld Amusements Variety Hour is back with a live audio performance of Flannery O’Connor’s “Good Country People”. My lovely wife Ida performs the role of Mrs. Hopewell. Erin Cassavaugh, who you […]

ANATHEMA!: Litanies of Negation

ANATHEMA!: Litanies of Negation by Benjamin DeCasseres, with foreword by Eugene O’Neill and afterword by Kevin I. Slaughter audiobook read by Kevin I. Slaughter A long-form poem of negation and egoism, of scorn and cynical delight. Paperback (+audiobook*) available from: Underworld Amusements,, Audiobook available from and iTunes Benjamin DeCasseres (is) the Pontius Pilate of America. -H.L. Mencken A passionate, erratic poet… […]

Benjamin DeCasseres in Old Nick

Find out more about Benjamin DeCasseres, the author of our newest title Anathema! in the new issue of Old Nick: TIME TO HEAT UP WITH OLD NICK!   The Wicked Winter Solstice Issue Now Available! Don’t miss this devilishly decadent volume of the                           World’s Only Satanic Men’s Magazine. IN THIS ISSUE: REALITY PHOTOS - Sophia’s Little Shop of […]


We’ve just added a few new distribution titles to Underworld Amusements Direct: THE NODE 266 pp. Welcome to the future. The 21st century has come of age and it seems that everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong. Propelled beyond the brink by environmental catastrophe, by social degeneration and the foretold collapse of […]

A Bible Not Borrowed from the Neighbors: Essays and Aphorisms on Egoism

Underworld Amusements has released a compilation of Essays and Aphorisms on Egoism, edited by Kevin I. Slaughter. The writings collected here are from the contemporaries of Ragnar Redbeard, radical thinkers who went against the herd with all their might. They upheld themselves as Gods, all other concerns come after that. Blasphemous, mocking and visceral, they […]


BALTIMETAL T-shirts Gray ink on black. Design by Kevin & Ida Slaughter. MEN: WOMEN: BAAAALTIMOOOORE! BAAAALTIMOOOORE! Baltimore, total war When victory’s a massacre The final swing is not a drill It’s how many people I can kill

Porn Again

The Baltimore City Paper did an “interest piece” on Underworld Amusements and the man behind it, Kevin I. Slaughter. In the spirit of the article, I will pass along a recent favorite quote: “Let us so live day by day,” says a distinguished American statesman, “that we can look any man in the eye and […]

UAVHEP014 – H.L. Mencken Speaks! Play in new window | Download | EmbedFirst, I want to thank the original YouTube uploader. They made themselves known to me personally and I regret that I do not remember who it was. This file was cut down into 8 parts, and I have stitched them together and cleaned up the audio a […]