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Typo Patrol


Underworld Amusements books are fussed over quite a bit, but we have printed errors. As of this writing, I’ve made various requests in various mediums that readers report typos back to us. Unfortunately only two people have done that in the last 8 years. Far more than two people have written reviews of our books where they complained about typos. Far more. Complained to the rest of the world, instead of directly to the person responsible and able to fix it. Yes, I’m a bit bitter about it.

One of the steps I’ve taken is actually hiring a professional proofreader to work on books I hope will be more popular (i.e. will sell enough copies to PAY for those services). The most obscure titles will make do with the volunteer and self-editing that they’ve always been subject to.

But I’m also trying a different approach to requesting feedback. It starts with this contact form, for now, and I will add more incentive as I’m able: