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Confessions of a Failed Egoist


by Trevor Blake
5.25×8, 140 pages, $9.95


Explication, rumination and fulmination from Portland author Trevor Blake. Sixteen selections range from a critique of Objectivism to the career of filmmaker Nabil Shaban (focusing on The Skin Horse, a documentary on the sex lives of cripples). In addition there is a history and usage of Multiple Names (popular from obscure art movements like Neoism to common folk mythologies), a biographical sketch of Baltimore native and mutant tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, among other topics. Putting the “I” in “history”, the author touches on a cultural history of Egoism, a personal “trajectory”through Anarchism, and his personal shift on 9/11 are also detailed herein.

Confessions of a Failed Egoist is somewhere at the crossroads between The Satanic BibleandPrometheus Rising. Everything you know is wrong, but don’t worry: It’s just the punchline to the great epistemic joke. Blake’s book is a throwback to the days of H.L. Mencken mercilessly skewering sacred cows on the left and right, while firmly rooted in our present day victimology industry conundrums. Blake’s book provides inspiration for thought. Bring it up at your next boring work party and scare your colleagues.”

– Nicholas Pell

“Trevor Blake hails and assails the ‘ism’ closest to His heart in a Mencken-like step-right-up, soapbox style that is smart, dense and fun to read. Blake is a meticulous thinker, and this book is bound to delight and challenge individualists, egoists, and people who would dramatically object to the idea of egoism–but then do and say exactly what they want to anyway.”

-Jack Donovan, author of Androphilia and The Way of Men

“Confessions of a Failed Egoist and Other Essaysis a difficult book, not because its hard to understand, but because it gives no leeway to anyone. With surgical wit and wisdom, Trevor deconstructs every pretty lie of modern America, even the pretty lies that hehimselfis susceptible to. Organized religion and atheism, feminism and patriarchy, anarchism and statism; nothing is off-limits. Like a modern-day Socrates, Trevor Blake chucks dynamite at sacred icons just because, because one spoonful of truth is worth a bucketful of lies.”

-Matt Forney

TrevorBlake-Donovan1This book is the fount and foundation of all human knowledge. It is a distillation of everything worth knowing as acted out by everyone worth knowing. Kings have abdicated their thrones for a glimpse and paupers have purchased palaces for the price of but a page.
This book can cure the sick and it can sic the cur. It can put lipstick on a sow’s ear and lead a hearse to wait. Bound by lightning and stronger than a nine mule team, don’t be the second soul to own one in your social circle.
Do you like enjoying things? Is it time to fill up on empty promises? Ready for the bait AND the switch? This is the book you must buy and today is the day you must buy it.
Confessions of a Failed Egoist is THE book. It is the book all prior books built up to and from which all following books descend. Learn self mastery from the masters of selfishness. Gamble with your sanity and fortunes without breaking a sweat. One copy of this book is said to have cured a man of an unspeakable venereal disease. Think of what two could do!
Others will opine that your opinion of other people’s opinions has lessened and for once they are correct. You won’t give a fig, a snap or a tinker’s dam for what they have to say. The clergy fear it until they heed it’s creed. Police ban it until they brandish it. A copy on every school child’s desk and two in every home, that’s my dream. Dream with me!
Not a bucket shop. This book is real. Except for liars and cowards, you are obliged to read it or keep silent about it. A palpable irritant to Marxist and Muslim alike. This book stirs up trouble. It IS trouble.
If you fail to buy this book right now you will die within six months of your birthday. You MAY find romance without this book. Care to roll the dice?

-The Author

“I read and then skimmed your book, but couldn’t relate to it. I prefer clear and important claims to be analyzed, while you mostly seemed to ramble and free associate. Sorry, just not my style at all.”

-Robin Hanson,
Res. Assoc., Future of Humanity Inst., Oxford Univ.