New review of HOMO, 99 and 44/100% NONSAPIENS by Gerald B Lorentz

5.0 out of 5 stars

homo99-COVER-FINAL-6-18-13Sobering, erudite and brilliant writing. Not for the faint of heart, or for the vast majority of people.
By G. Ridgeway on May 20, 2015

First things first, and the description of this book should give it away but it bears being said again. This book is not for the faint of heart, this should be obvious if you are thinking of purchasing this book as Lorentz has written a text which is red hot in its honesty and presentation of how s***ty human beings really are and that a very rare percentage of us are actually deserving of the title of sapiens (wise.), and even then those who demonstrate this are not without their imbecile flaws.
Lorentz has written an erudite and sobering book, that would make even Christopher Hitchens blush, which if you are a fan of Hitchens I find it very likely that you will enjoy this book.
What Lorentz does in this text, if it isn’t obvious is works through many of the broad facets which have constituted human civilization from our inception and has stayed with us to this day, and points out that what humans really are, are apex predators which take the greatest glory in our instinctual predation of everything which we can prey upon, and has for centuries continuing into today and most certainly the future. That we have developed the ability to be hypocrites in the face of our own injustices that pale even the biblical myths of the Abrahamic.
Now in my opinion there are three ways that a person will most likely view this book. One, they will read it, be disgusted by it, and continue down a path they were already on, of stating daily positive affirmations, and saying that the root of our problems can all be solved by emanating positivity like a new age guru. The second, will be the other end of the spectrum, those that will see this work as affirming proof that we human hedonistic predators are good at sucking, and that you should trust no one and care only for yourself. The third, will take a middle of the road approach to this, now let preface all of the above by saying, that I don’t view any of these three is being necessarily better than the others. But it certainly would behoove you too take a middle path to this. The truth that this books can unleash in you is sobering, and if by reading it you can realize the fallacy and hypocrisy in your own life, that there is very little to be proud of in our present day and especially our history you can move forward with caution and hopefully use such new found knowledge to better yourself and society. As too what effect and level you choose to do this in, only you can say.
In closing, this is a book that many would have a hard time making it through, as you have no choice but to face up to the predictable hypocrisy that is human kind. But it is sobering works like this, that in the hands of the few, and hopefully a growing number. Can have the wool pulled away from their eyes, and look into themselves and admit some dark truths that you have been spoon fed most your life to take as truth.
I am not proud to consider myself a human being in light of our past and current present, but with that being said, the amount of personal responsibility and self-realization that can be awakened by writing such as this, when in the right hands, cannot be under estimated in the least.
In my mind this book is worth every penny to purchase it, and hearty thanks to Underworld Amusements and APOP records for making such an erudite and sobering text easily available.

May 1st – Everett True Release Event in Portland, OR

Join Trevor Blake and Kevin I. SlaughterMay 1st in Portland, OR for a book release event.

Mother Foucault’s is hosting the release event for “Max Stirner Bibliography“, compiled by Trevor Blake and “Outbursts of Everett True” with Introduction by Trevor Blake and published by Underworld Amusements. Mr.Slaughter of Underworld Amusements, and Mr. Blake of OVO will talk and be available to sign books.


This will be the first public meeting of the founders of Union of Egoists and the forthcoming Der Geist journal.

There is a Facebook event set up here, please click if you are attending or considering attending.



tbmsbibIntroducing the Union of Egoists, a biographical, historical, bibliographic and inspirational resource for autodidacts and vagabonds alike. A project initiated by Trevor Blake (Confessions of a Failed Egoist & Max Stirner Bibliography) and Kevin I. Slaughter (A Bible Not Borrowed from the Neighbors: Essays and Aphorisms on Egoism).
The first Egoist Max Stirner, Egoist Feminist Dora Marsden, defacto Satanist Benjamin DeCasseres, Social Darwinist Ragnar Redbeard and soap-box Superman Malfew Seklew are a few of the members of this Union of Egoists.
EgoCover-1973-Dover-648x1024 Blake has described Egoism as being the claim that the individual is the measure of all things. In ethics, in epistemology, in aesthetics, in society, the Individual is the best and only arbitrator. Egoism claims social convention, laws, other people, religion, language, time and all other forces outside of the Individual are an impediment to the liberty and existence of the Individual. is also home to Der Geist, a blog(including facebook page)and forthcoming print journal. The print journal will focus exclusively on the 100 years between the publication of Stirner’s “Der Einzige und sein Eigenthum” and DeCasseres death in 1945.
You can support the project by contributing corrections or materials. Use the Contact page or view the Wanted list.

Fantasia Impromptu & FINIS by Benjamin DeCasseres

Fantasia-Cover-FrontFantasia Impromptu & FINIS
by Benjamin DeCasseres
Edited by Kevin I. Slaughter
Cover art by Josh McAlear
Underworld Amusements, 2016
Baltimore, MD
246 pages, 6×9″

Underworld Amusements(US)

Hardback (edition of 13):
Underworld Amusements

Fantasia Impromptu & FINIS constitute Benjamin DeCasseres (1873-1945) most private writing, but even then, they were intended for publication and posterity. The first is a diary-like collection of notes and reminiscences began in December 1925. The latter was professed to be a summation of all my books, of my lifelong beliefs.
Fantasia Impromptu was released as a series of booklets, six in total, that constitute his intellectual, emotional and spiritual autobiography. They are filled with ruminations on daily life, aphorisms, esotericisms, and appeals to future readers. It is appropriately dedicated to: The Thinkers, Poets, Satirists, Individualists, Dare-Devils, Egoists, Satanists and Godolepts of Posterity.
FINIS is his final work, appropriately enough, and consists of three essays and a hymn, all previously unpublished. The one focus of all of these pieces is Oblivion. Though he states in his introduction is was not necessarily meant to be his last work, he died before it was published, and his wife Bio prepared an introduction and included a poem of dedication. FINIS was released as a booklet the year of his death and has never been reprinted before.


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Top 10 best-selling titles on

Top 10 from November 1st 2014 to November 1st 2015:

10- The Gospel According to Malfew Seklew
9- Anathema!
8- Ladies In The Parlor
7- Outbursts of Everett True
6- A Bible Not Borrowed from the Neighbors.
5- Confessions of a Failed Egoist
4- HOMO, 99 and 44/100% NONSAPIENS
3- Infernalia
2- Men Versus The Man
1- The Philosophical Writings of Edgar Saltus

Top 10 sellers of all time:

10- The Gospel According to Malfew Seklew
9- Imp
8- Infernalia
7- Anathema!
6- A Bible Not Borrowed from the Neighbors.
5- Ladies In The Parlor
4- Confessions of a Failed Egoist
3- The Philosophical Writings of Edgar Saltus
2- HOMO, 99 and 44/100% NONSAPIENS
1- Men Versus The Man

You can find links to all of these titles here:

A modern Egoist pays tribute to Malfew Seklew and Ragnar Redbeard…

Author Trevor Blake posted this update on a recent trip:

Confessions of a Failed Egoist by Trevor Blake (Underworld Amusements 2014). Personally placed by the author at the former location of the Dil Pickle Club (and Dil Pickle Press) in Chicago, Illinois. Here Malfew Seklew and Ragnar Redbeard met. Here The Gospel According to Malfew Seklew and Might is Right were published. Aside from where I am at any particular moment, this is the physical place most associated with egoism in North America. ‘Confessions’ was still there when I turned and walked away.


Page 8 from “The Gospel According to Malfew Seklew, and Other Writings By and About Sirfessor Wilkesbarre”:


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So, when a customer e-mails me to say they haven’t gotten their goods, I am concerned and try to resolve it, and keep in communication with the customer. And that just recently happened:

On Thursday, September 3rd, at 9:30pm I get the following e-mail:

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I don’t know how to respond to that last one, and I guess maybe there is none, so I haven’t until posting this. I can’t help but take it a bit personal though, and I suppose that’d be my problem.A customer contacted me about a problem at 9:30 at night and I had it resolved by 10:30 the next morning.I kept in touch with them updating as it went along and at the end of the day they believe I run a shoddy outfit.

So, I make mistakes. It happens. When they do,I try to get right with people, and it doesn’t always work. I am a very small publisher, who runs a very small mail-order company along with doing freelance design and working a full time job. My company is too small to have a single full time employee.

I’ve considered shutting down my direct mail order business. Itwill never be as cheap or fast as, and people are spoiled by it. It sets expectations. I know, I’m a Prime member, and I’m spoiled by it. New book, 17% off cover priceand delivered at no additional cost in 2 days? Yeah, I’ll buy that. Things have changed dramatically from when I would drop cash in an envelope and wait 6-8 weeks for delivery.

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I’m not complaining about Amazon, or my customer, nor am I genuflecting or flagellating myself publicly. This exchange happened. It was unusual… outside of the norm. Usually everything goes really well, and people seem pleased with the product and the service. I’m comfortable with how I handled this problem, and I’ve talked with my mail order guy to try to make adjustments to avoid this situation in the future. I’m just being open, and allowing you to judge the type of business I run, and look forward to sending you cool shit you can’t find elsewhere, in exchange for money, so I can make more cool shit.

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